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  • 类型 餐厅:共 3684 个点位
  • 类型 美容美发SPA:共 1637 个点位
  • 类型 咖啡厅:共 1240 个点位
  • 类型 4S:共 704 个点位
  • 类型 别墅会所:共 380 个点位
  • 类型 银行:共 350 个点位
  • 类型 机场贵宾室:共 449 个点位
  • 类型 五星级酒店:共 233 个点位
  • 类型 高尔夫:共 132 个点位
  • 类型 高铁:共 29 个点位


  • 机场
  • 高铁
  • 高尔夫
  • 五星级酒店
  • 必胜客


    华道书报刊发行有限公司隶属于赫斯特中国,是中国最大的发行及高端展示服务公司。华道致力于为国内出版社提供全国杂志发行总代理 ,品牌展示推广,订阅及数据库管理,及全国零售渠道管理等服务。华道具备强大的渠道展示及分销能力,覆盖了全国8838个高端展示网点,50000个零售终端, 形成了多个针对不同受众群并相互整合的传播网络。

    华道拥有各大品牌杂志全国总经销权,例如《ELLE世界时装之苑》,《Marie Claire嘉人》,《ELLE Men睿士》,《ELLE Decoration家居廊》,《Woman's Day健康之友》,《Car and Driver名车志》,《Psychologies心理月刊》,《Femina伊周》,《GOOD好主妇》,《Food&Wine美食与美酒》等。同时也为其他知名品牌提供品牌推广展示服务,我们服务的客户包括:宝马,路虎,克莱斯勒,法拉力,马爹力,雪佛兰,国际腕表等知名品牌。


    华道致力于打造成中国最高端的品牌平面媒体展示直投公司。我们的高端展示网络已覆盖全国46个主要城市的8838个展示网点,包括全国233家五星级酒店,132家高尔夫俱乐部,704家4S店,449个机场贵宾室,29个高铁贵宾室,380个高档别墅会所,350个银行贵宾室,3684家餐厅,1240家咖啡厅,及1637家美容美发SPA, 日传阅量超过300万的都市高端消费人群。 (截止2012.年12月数量不断增加中)


About Us

Huadao (Shanghai), an affiliated company of Hearst Magazine China, is the largest display and circulation company in China. It is based in Shanghai, with offices in Guangzhou, Beijing and major 2nd tire cities.  Huadao is committed to provide domestic publishers with services in brand display and promotion, and nationwide magazine circulation and retail channel management, etc. Huadao is possessed with powerful capacity in channel distribution and display, which covers 50,000 retail terminals and 8,838 display venues in China, formed an integrated communication network that reaches different groups of readers.

Huadao owns the distribution right of major brand magazines, including ELLE, ELLE Men, Marie Claire, ELLE Deco, Woman’s Day, Car and Drivers, Psychologies, Femina, Reader’s Digest, Collection, GOOD, Betty’s Kitchen, Milk, O2, Appreciation, Food and Wine, etc. We also provide brand display and promotion service for other renowned brands, including: BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Chrysler, Ferrari, Elite, Avène, Chevrolet, Watch International, etc.

Huadao Display

Huadao is committed to build the high-end print media display direct mail brand in China. Our display network has covered 8,838 display venues in 44 cities nationwide, including 233 five star hotels, 132 golf clubs, 704 4S stores, 449 airport VIP rooms, 29 high-speed railway VIP rooms, 380 villas, 350 bank VIP rooms, 3684 restaurants, 1240 cafes, and 1637 SPAs. The daily display circulation among metropolitan upper-class consumers has exceeded 3 million (the number continues increasing as of December 2012).

Huadao Display is driven by premium display channels, professional display solution, and high-end display target audience. Our capacity to develop new channels based on client needs and release precise advertisement placement has won extensive acclaim from international and domestic brands and enterprises, turning Huadao into the most influential brand promoting platform in China.


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  • The Langham
  • Pullman
  • City Bank
  • Mint
  • Everwines
  • PapaJohns
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